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Maritime Studies have great prestigious recognition and future as well, says Director General of Shipping

In the three-day ‘Naughtica 2017’, the largest ever Inter College Fest and Exhibition of Maritime Training held  from 14 April  at Royal Orchid Resort and Convention Center,Bengaluru, India, the Director General of Shipping Dr.  Malini V Shankar said in her inaugural address that maritime studies command great recognition and they have a great future as well.

After 2013, she said, the maritime studies started developing in India. The studies include studies about marine freight and cruise lines too.  Of course, the marine sector is quite challenging. And if one works hard, one can certainly succeed in it without any doubt. The maritime studies have become prestigious courses with bright future for them.

 Speaking in ‘Naughtica 2017’, Captain Navin Passey, Managing Director,  Wallem Shippingmanagement,  said that maritime studies are indeed challenging;  however, if one starts with confidence that he can do it,  then, he can definitely achieve his goal with ease. In the days to come, India will certainly grab the first place in the global maritime sector.

‘Naughtica 2017’, in keeping with the tradition of almost all educational institutions, has provided opportunities to the students of marine institute to show case their cultural talents and skill. Speeches and spectacular exhibition of the abilities of the students of the marine institutes across India rendered Nautica 2017 a memorable event for all the participants.

To the historic event, about 440 marine students from institutes from other states have attended the event along with the other marine stakeholders like ship owners, marine experts. 

To make the event spectacularly informative, many marine institutes had erected stalls of their own with all necessary information about their institutes.  RL Institute of Nautical Sciences is also one of them, exploiting the opportunity to impress upon the participants and the visitors the excellent features of RLINS. Dedicated staff of RLINS, both teaching and non-teaching enthusiastically interacted with the visitors to the stall. Sagar Sandesh, a tabloid maritime weekly run in collaboration with RLINS joined the glamorous event.

Since the ‘Marine Festival’ continues for two more days, the aspirants for maritime profession will have golden opportunity to interact with the experts. No doubt, future has immense possibilities for maritime engagements.


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