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Second airport at Goa to be commissioned soon

Trial landings have commenced at the new Mopa airport at Goa setting the stage for commissioning of the airport soon.

The Mopa airport has completed the required navigation performance procedure from both the approaches of the newly constructed runways. An Airbus A 320 aircraft belonging to Indigo airlines equipped with RNPrequipment was tested and validated for the accuracy and flyability

RNP is a family of navigation specifications under Performance Based Navigation (PBN), which permit the operation of aircraft along a precise flight path with a high level of accuracy and the ability to determine aircraft position with both precision and integrity," the airport release stated..

An official of the airport said we have successfully completed the Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedure at the upcoming New Goa International Airport. RNP procedure ensures integrity and accuracy and helps an aircraft follow specific paths using board equipment.

"This procedure not only offers safety benefits by means of its precision and accuracy, but it also enhances operational efficiency by minimizing multiple step-downs, inaccurate circling approaches..

New Goa International Airport will soon become the airport of choice for airlines, passengers, and all stakeholders by unlocking the true potential of Goa. 

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