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Swiss airports ground all flight following a computer glitch

Switzerland grounded flights in Geneva and Zurich, and diverted four flights from Johannesburg, Dubai, Chicago and Montreal on June 15th morning because of a technical problem. It was not immediately clear when the problem would be fixed, according to media reports.

“Due to a major computer failure affecting Skyguide, no landings or take-offs can take place this morning in Geneva early morning on June 15th Geneva Airport said in a tweet Sky guide said it had “experienced a technical malfunction in the early hours of this morning, which is why Swiss air space has been closed to traffic for safety reasons”.

The air space closure is in effect until further notice, Sky guide said.

“Sky guide regrets this incident and its consequences for its customers, partners and passengers at Geneva and Zurich airports, and is working to find a solution,” the company said. “Sky guide will provide further information as soon as it becomes available.”

Sky guide is an air navigation service provider that manages and monitors Swiss air space and is also responsible for air safety in the border regions of Germany, France, Italy and Austria.
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