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Govt asks thermal power plants to import coal to tide over shortage

The thermal plants in the country are facing a serious crisis on availablity of indigenous coal  after they have geared up power generation in tune with the restoration of manufacturing activity post corona virus issues. Sveral power plants are on the verge of running out of fuel facing an imminent threat of stoppage of power generation.

Coal-fired power plants with less than a week’s supply; some plants only with 3 days of coal

Data from the Central Electricity Authority showed over half of the 135 coal-fired power plants had less than a week’s supply left, of which 50 plants had fewer than three days of coal left. Six plants had run out of coal, as per a report.

The serious crisis faced by the thermal plants have forced the power ministry to issue a fiat asking them not to rely on indigenous coal supplies and instead resort to imports from Indonesia or Australia

Thermal power plants, which import coal for blending, could explore ways to enhance imports to tide over the current crisis, said the Ministry in a recent notice.
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