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Pirates attack Indian crew members when ship was waiting at outer anchorage in Gabon Port; two Indian crew members injured and another kidnapped

An Indian merchant shipping crew onboard MV Tampen vessel was attacked by pirates off a port in Africa’s western coast in which two members suffered injuries while a third one has been kidnapped according to media reports.

The vessel, which was headed from Cameroon in the west coast of Africa to Dubai, had to drop the anchor in the port limits of Owendo Anchorage, Gabon, owing to a technical issue with the propulsion system.

During the attack, ship’s chief officer and cook suffered multiple bullet wounds

Some pirates boarded the vessel and attacked the Indian crew members during the early hours of september fifth. During the confrontation, the ship’s chief officer and cook suffered multiple bullet wounds after the pirates fired using AK-47, the family members said.

However, there is no information regarding the whereabouts of a second engineer, who is said to have been kidnapped by the pirates. It is said that the two injured crew have been taken to a hospital in Gabon for treatment and surgery. 

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