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TN Govt tightens security along Kerala border following reports of death due to Nipah virrus. Public transport however is allowed to continue between the two states

Tamil Nadu government has tightened security measures in areas bordering the state in the wake of neighboring state Keral reporting a death due to Nipah virus infection, Health Minister Ma Subramanian said that directions have been issued to nine districts that border Kerala to take preventive measures.

The public transportation between Kerala and Tamil Nadu has however not been suspended and continued to ply from various points. The government is however insisting that people coming from Kerala through any mode of transport has to be fully vaccinated or carry an RT-PCR negative certificate taken 72 hours prior to departure.

No case has been identified in the neighboring Coimbatore city

No case has been identified in the neighboring Coimbatore city which account for nearly 35 per cent of the population hailing from  Kerala. The district administration has intensified the screening at check-posts along the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border and is implementing all the safety guidelines that are issued to prevent the spread of vector-borne infectious diseases.

Official instructions to doctors

An official of the Coimbatore district administration said We are taking preventive measures. We are implementing steps to strengthen the fever surveillance. If a patient visits health centers with a higher temperature, we have instructed the doctors to carry tests for Zika, Nipah, or other viral infections like dengue before sending them home. 
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