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Zero-and Low-Emission Innovation Forum 27-29 September 2021

IMO’s Initial GHG Strategy sets out ambitious goals to cut annual GHG emissions from shipping in half by 2050 and phase them out this century. But shipping largely depends on fossil fuel and the energy transition in shipping will require new technologies, alternative fuels and infrastructure to support low-and zero-carbon shipping.

This energy transition relies on ambitious collaboration and cooperation among many different stakeholders, including land-based energy suppliers and port operators, as well as major investments. It will also require innovation, in relation to addressing technological needs, new forms of operation, cooperation and finance.

About the Zero- and Low Emission Innovation Forum

The IMO-UNEP-Norway Zero-and Low-Emission Innovation Forum is a global platform aimed at championing innovation to accelerate the transition of the marine sector towards a zero- and low-emission future. The focus will be on addressing specific needs of developing countries, especially Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS). 

The Forum is supported by the Government of Norway, the IMO Secretariat and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in order to promote innovation by providing a global platform to exchange best practises and fill necessary gaps by gathering ideas and latest developments from all competent international policy makers.

Key Goals

The aim of the Innovation Forum is to:

- Exchange best practice between competent international policy makers, maritime, climate change/environmental administrations, technology developers, maritime industry, ports and finance to catalyse collaboration and innovation for climate action in maritime sector and find practical solutions to drive the necessary innovation;  

- Promote innovation through north-south and south-south collaboration with a focus on SIDS and LDCs;

- Fill the existing gaps by providing a global platform to discuss ideas related to promotion of innovation, disseminate latest developments, and promote knowledge management as well as information sharing. 

Focus Areas

1. Knowledge-sharing globally on best practices to address reduction of GHG emissions from shipping;

2. Finding solutions to identified innovation needs and challenges (especially in developing countries/LDCs and SIDS) including in relation to cooperation needs, funding and/or processes;

3. Addressing technology needs of developing countries, especially SIDS and LDCs as well as research needs for developing innovative GHG technologies and financial needs for their piloting, distribution/entering of the market particularly in developing countries;


4. Strengthening and coordinating global and regional networks/nodes on/for innovation in maritime sector.

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