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Prime Minister Imran Khan took the call for deferring the decision on import of cotton and sugar from India

The decision to call off the limited trade deal with India was taken by Prime Imran khan following stiff opposition to the move by some of his cabinet colleagues.

Pakistan Media reports said Mr.Khan held consultations with Key members of his cabinet on April third with regard to economic coordination committee's decision to allow import of limited quantities of cotton cotton yarn and sugar from India. He later decided that his country cannot go ahead with trade with India under the current circumstances.

The PM instructed the ECCs decision be deferred and immediately reviewed

While this decision was not on the formal agenda of the cabinet meeting, the issue was brought up by cabinet members and the prime minister instructed that the ECCs decision be deferred and immediately reviewed.

Sources said that the prime minister instructed the Ministry of Commerce and his economic team to immediately take steps to facilitate the relevant sectors, value added, apparel and sugar, by finding alternative cheap sources of import of the needed commodities.

According to the sources, various proposals have been presented to the ECC which considers these suggestions from economic and commercial point of view. After consideration by the ECC, its decisions are presented to the cabinet for ratification and final approval.

The source said that in the present case, a proposal was presented to the ECC to allow import of cotton, cotton yarn and sugar from India keeping in view domestic requirements. The ECC had decided on commercial grounds to recommend these imports for the cabinet’s consideration.

Pakistan has constantly stated that any forward movement requires India to create an enabling environment by revisiting measures like scrapping of article 370 of the constitution conferring special privileges for Jammu and Kashmir

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