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Chennai airport declares emergency; main runway blocked for nearly 3 hours as a private aircraft that landed could not move

Emergency was declared at Chennai airport on November 16th night when the main runway was blocked for nearly three hours by an aircraft in distress could not move after landing due to landing gear issues.

An emergency was declared at the airport as Trujet flight flying between Belgaum and Mysore was diverted to Chennai airport due to landing gear issues.

The aircrfaft landed at the main runway but could not taxi off on its own.

As the Aircraft cannot be taxied or towed with passengers on board (46 passengers+1 infants+5 crew members) safe passenger offloading was undertaken on the runway itself and after this the aircraft was towed to parking bay.

For some time, Secondary Runway was put into operation

Due to non-availability of Main Runway for some time, Secondary Runway was put into operation. Nine (09) flights operated from Secondary Runway 

Main Runway (07/25) was handed over for operations after about three hours. Due to runway blockage, wide-body aircraft SQ 8028 (B787) was diverted to Bangalore.

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