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Cotton Corporation of India slashes support price

 The Cotton Corporation of India’s decision to slash the Minimum Support Price, has rattled the cotton farmers in erstwhile Adilabad district, who are already saddled with high natural moisture content due to foggy weather and pink bollworm infection in the crops.

Starting Monday, the CCI said that it would lift the produce at ₹5,775 per quintal as against ₹5,825 per quintal for which the cotton was purchased till Saturday.

The decision was taken as the strength of the cotton ball is reportedly less than 30 mm length this season due untimely rains.

“Even the farmers, who got quality produce with strength more or less 30 mm length have to sell their produce for the new price,” an official said.

 If moisture is more than 8 %, the CII deducts the price per quintal; so farmers drying their produce before taking it to market

Moreover, farmers can get ₹5,775 per quintal only if the moisture content is up to 8 %. If moisture is more than 8 %, the CII deducts the price per quintal and the farmer ends up getting less money.

So, to bring down the moisture content, farmers in several villages in the district are drying their produce in front of the houses, before it is taken to the market yard to get good price.

M Sudarshan of Khodad village in Talamadugu mandal said that for the past few days he has been drying the crop in front of his house as the moisture content was very high. Every year, Mr.Sudarshan gets at least 80 quintals of cotton from his eight acre, but this time he ended up harvesting only 30 quintals due to untimely rains.

Caught between mounds of cotton on one side and staring at less net realisation, the farmers are thrown into the debt trap.

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