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Alarm bells in the Sri Lankan establishment following the discovery of oil slick

The formationof the oil slick about one kilometer around the oil tanker MT Diamond has set alarm bells in the Sri Lankan envirnomental department and the activists following which water samples from the sea around the ship are being sent to the government analyst to study the extent of damage caused in the Indian Ocean

Fire fighting operations led to the formation of the oil slick up to one kilometer

As the engine oil had started leaking from the oil tanker MT New diamond since Septemeber 8th following the fire fighting operations lead to the formation of the oil slick up to one kilometer from the point where the ship is drifting in the mid sea off the Sri Lankan east coast

Water samples from sea areas near the MT New Diamond oil tanker are scheduled to be sent to the Government Analyst .

The Attorney General has also directed the salvage team to take prompt measures to stop oil leakage.

Based on the study of the water samples Sri lankan attorney general to decide to sue the shipowner for damages

Based on the study of the water samples the Sri lankan attorney general will make up his mind on suing the ship owner for the damages caused to marine life in the Indian ocean adjoining the island nation where the burnt out oil tanker is floating.

MT New Diamond oil tanker is currently anchored at a distance of 50 nautical miles from Sri Lanka, and reports said that an oil stain has spread within a two mile radius around the ship.

Although the ship caught fire for the second time on September 7th, authorities were able to douse the fire successfully.

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