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India and Myanmar to boost Maritime Security

 India and Myanmar will soon work together in achieving maritime security in Bay of Bengal. Both the neighboring countries are in the advanced stage of signing an information sharing agreement to boost maritime security. With this agreement, India along with Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand will cover the whole Bay of Bengal region.  

“The details have been worked out with Myanmar on White Shipping Information sharing,” according to sources. India has similar arrangement with Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives for the same purpose.

He said the agreement will help the India and Myanmar to exchange information and improve crisis response in the maritime domain.

The move comes in the wake of increased presence of Chinese Naval forces in Bay and Bengal

The move comes in the wake of increased presence of Chinese Naval forces in Bay and Bengal and Beijing acquiring some islands close to Myanmar. Chinese companies have huge presence in both Colombo and Hambantota Ports.

India has similar agreements with Bangladesh and Thailand in the Bay of Bengal region. Taking into account the high degree of dependence of the above countries on maritime trade and the emerging asymmetric challenges, India had signed a similar agreement with Thailand in 2018 to exchange information to raise maritime domain awareness, greater degree of coordinated patrols, and anti-piracy measures as areas of immediate importance.

New Delhi and Yangon have also explored the possibility of cooperation in hydrographic surveys.

India and Bangladesh had also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in October this year on establishing Coastal Surveillance Radar System in Bangladesh.

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