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E-cigarettes causing rapid-spreading mysterious lung disease

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is warning people against the use of e-cigarette products after serious lung illnesses were found associated with vaping products.

In its official release, the organisation notes that initial findings from the investigation indicate to illnesses likely to be associated with chemical exposure. However, it is yet to be fully linked to a single product or substance common to all cases.

More than 25 states have reported possible cases of illnesses associated with e-cigarette products such as devices, liquids, refill pods, and cartridges. So far, two deaths have been reported to the CDC. 

Benefits of quitting smoking e-cigarettes

Quitting smoking has almost immediate benefits, according to the American Lung Association. Within 20 minutes, heart rates normalize and, after two to three weeks, the risk of heart attack begins to drop, according to the group. Within a year, the risk of heart disease is half that of a current smoker. The risks of dying from lung cancer, getting bladder cancer and other cancers all fall the longer a former smoker stays tobacco-free. Within 15 years, a former smoker’s risk of heart disease is the same as a lifelong nonsmoker, according to the health advocacy group.

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