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A 33-year old Jharkhand farmer creates a low-cost tractor from scooter scrap

Bright, innovative and perseverant minds are found not just in startups, but they reside in India's hinterland as well. One such example is thirty-three-year-old Mahesh Karmali, a local inhabitant of Uncha Ghana village in Bishnugarh near Hazaribagh in Jharkhand, who literally proved that survival is the mother of innovations. 

Karmali managed to design a 
low-cost tractor to plough his 12-kattah farmland. And that too from the scrap of an old Bajaj Chetak scooter which is bought from his friend's garage for Rs 4,251. An elementary school drop-out Karmali then named his innovation ‘Power Tiller’.

Worked as a mechanic in Bajaj showroom about 7 years

"I used to work as a mechanic in Bajaj showroom for about seven years and that knowledge helped me a lot in developing this tractor. It took me three days to design this new machine," Karmali told ETAuto. 

Before taking up farming, he was working as a mechanic in a 
Bajaj Auto Showroom at Pune in Maharashtra. However, due to some financial problems, he quit that job and decided to work on farms to help his family. 

His Rs 12,000 tractor ploughs 8,640 sq ft at the expense of 2.5 litres of petrol only

Highlighting the efficiency of the tractor, he said that he has spent Rs 12,000 on transforming the scooter which now ploughs 8,640 sq ft at the expense of 2.5 litres of petrol only. Comparatively, this is cheaper and more efficient than a conventional tractor, he underlined. 

Future plan; heavy-duty plough for harvesting also

In the pilot stage, one has to walk along with the machine while ploughing. But Karmali is planning to bring in more bigger and powerful version of Power Tiller by next year where he will be able to sit on the vehicle. "Just like tractors one will be able to ride on it. Additionally, the modified model will not only be a heavy-duty plougher, but it will also be used for harvesting crops and cutting and suppressing of weeds on the frame," he explained. 

Lots of order for his Power Tiller; seeks financial support for a workshop

Going forth, Karmali aspires to open an engineering workshop to produce other low-cost variants of agri-machinery for his fellow farmers. "I started receiving lots of orders from my neighbors for Power Tiller ever since I started ploughing my farm. However, to build such machines in bulk I need drilling, cutting and welding tools which require a collective investment of Rs 3-4 lakh. Currently, I am eagerly looking for some financial support which can help me establish a workshop where I can design these vehicles," he added. 


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