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Chinese container ship sinks in storm

The Chinese-flagged Container Ship, MEI CHENG 866 sank in the early morning hours of July the 4th after encountering bad weather while transiting off the Gulf of Tonkin. 

Thankfully, the crew of the vessel are all considered safe & in good health.

The incident occurred at approximately 02:00 am LT, southwest of Qinzhou, in the Guangxi Zhuang region of China.

The vessel encountered particularly rough weather while sailing through the region and sought shelter near the coast.

Adverse weather conditions led to the vessel being forced aground

Unfortunately, however, the adverse weather conditions led to the vessel being forced aground. Reportedly, the waves reached up to 5 meters in height, as the area was being battered by the typhoon “Mu-En”.

A tug was sent along to assist the distressed vessel alongside a number of Search & Rescue vessels.

Regrettably, the high waves present in the area further complicated any towing attempts on behalf of the SAR mission.

All 8 crew evacuated since the vessel in high danger of sinking

MEI CHENG 866 was considered to be in high danger of sinking, so all 8 crew members aboard the vessel were successfully evacuated by the SAR team.

As was expected, a short time later the container ship proceeded to sink.

It’s understood that the MEI CHENG 866 had been carrying over 100 containers at the time of the incident.


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