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Affiliation ceremony of ICGS Shaurya with 3rd battalion of Assam rifles

In a historic event of first ever affiliation between the youngest Armed Force of the Union of India, Indian Coast Guard and the Oldest Paramilitary Force, Assam Rifles,an impressive ceremony was held onboard ICGS Shaurya at Chennai for Phase II of the ‘Charter of Affiliation’ between Indian Coast Guard Ship Shaurya and the 3rd (Naga Hills) battalion of the Assam Rifles on June eleventh. 

 3rd (Naga Hills) Battalion Assam Rifles is the oldest battalion of the force raised in 1853 as “The Cachar Levy” for guarding eastern frontier of Assam from Brahamputra river to Cachar Hills and comprised of 750 personnel of all ranks.    


ICG Ship Shaurya, indigenously built, based at Chennai 


Indian Coast Guard Ship Shaurya is an indigenously built 105m Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) which draws more than 3000 ton of displacement and is based at Chennai. The ship was commissioned on 12 Aug 17 and manned by 10 Officers and 100 sailors. The ship is fitted with state-of art equipment and is capable of carrying one twin engine light helicopter for operations at sea. 

            Spl cover released for the occasion by Post Master General, Chennai City Region


The Charter of Affiliation has been signed by the Director Generals of the Indian Coast Guard and Assam Rifles on 22 May at Laitkor, Shillong. A Special cover for the occasion was released by Mr.R Anand, Post Master General, Chennai City Region. 

Affiliation, permanent, to promote bilateral cooperation 

The objective of the affiliation is to promote bilateral cooperation between the ICG and the AR in the field of exchange of information and personnel, build up camaraderie, utilise one another’s assets for training, sports/ adventure, understand culture and traditions. The ultimate aim is to synergise the potential of the two services so as to produce an unbeatable combination in conflict/ humanitarian mission undertaken by both the Armed Forces. It is a permanent affiliation of Assam Rifles with the Coast Guard.           

Accordingly, a combat battalion of Assam Rifles will soon be training onboard ICGS Shaurya.  In due course of time, arrangements will be made for embarking personnel of Assam Rifles for Over-Seas Deployment (OSD) on board ICG Ships. Bilateral meeting between the two forces and participation of experts from both sides in such meetings will also form part of affiliation. 

            Affiliation will strengthen ties between land and sea forces of Union of India 

This affiliation will facilitate the ‘Sentinels of the Sea’ to interact more closely with the ‘Sentinels of the North East’ on professional and social platforms and share experiences and best practices. Further, they will also be able to appreciate the working environment of Indian Coast Guard patrolling along the vast Indian coast line including the Exclusive Economic Zone which extends up to 200 Nautical Miles from the coast.  This affiliation will go a long way in strengthening the ties between the land and sea forces of the Union of India. 

            The event was attended by Additional Director General VSR Murthy, PTM, TM,Additional Director General Indian Coast Guard, Lt Gen Sukhdeep Sangwan, SM**, Director General Assam Rifles and Inspector General S Paramesh,  Commander Coast Guard Region, East along with officers and men from both the forces.


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