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This is the new extinction and we are half way through it: Naturalist Attenbourough

A deep concern for the climate change has been forcibly expressed by naturalist Sir David Attenbourough at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) spring meeting in Washington recently, reports the Times.

The paper reports the Naturalist further on the link between migration and warming: “It is happening in Europe. People are coming from Africa because they can’t live where they are. If things go so more parts of the world become uninhabitable, that’s what will happen.”

Another media the Guardian also quotes him saying:  “I find it hard to exaggerate the peril. This is the new extinction and we are half way through it. We are in terrible, terrible trouble and the longer we wait to do something about it the worse it is going to get.”

Attenbourough also is said to have endorsed the cause of the young Norwegians who want the nation to put climate before cash.

“Climate comes before cash,” said Simon Sand, 16, demonstrating in front of Parliament during a recent climate protest inspired by Swedish teenage activist Gretha Thunberg.

Labour’s Lofoten move, which created a parliamentary majority against drilling, caused consternation in the oil and gas industry.

The revenue from the oil and gas industry cannot be replaced by any other resources, it is said, and, moreover, much of the welfare state comes from this industry.

Yet another point of view says that if Europe and other countries move to other energy sources, which are actually happening fast, there will be massive unemployment in 20 years.


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