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If GST is not remitted on the respective due date, how much interest is to be paid?


As per GST Act, if GST is not remitted on the respective due date, the tax is to be remitted along with 18% interest.


While collecting charges for marine cargo, how much GST must be collected?


For Marine Cargo Charges 5% GST is to be collected. For other related services, 18% tax is to be collected.


We are operating a service center for  a  leading two wheeler. In all of our services, both goods and services are mixed. If we opt for composite scheme under GST, how much tax should we collect?


Your work will be deemed as Service under GST Act. A service provider cannot opt for Composite scheme under GST. Hence, you cannot collect tax under composite scheme.

 Question 4

We are operating CT Scan cum MRI Scan Centre. How much percentage of GST must be collected?.


Such services are medicine related services. Hence these are exempted from collecting Tax under GST.


Question 5

During a questions and answer session on GST, it was explained that there will not be reverse charge basis if payment upto Rs.5000/- is made to unregistered persons. Whether it applies only for cash transactions or will it apply to payments through bank cheque or online also?


All transactions totally upto Rs.5000/- per day, by a GST registered person with unregistered  persons  are exempted  to remit tax under reverse charge basis. This is applicable to all cash, cheque and online payment transactions.

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