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We are operating sales depots in two states. We obtained GST registration for these two depots. At present, we maintain combined account books for these two States depots at our Chennai Head Office.  Is it right? Or two separate accounts are to be maintained?


Separate account books for each registered place are to be maintained at the respective sales depot.


I am operating a jewellery shop. In a question answer page on GST published in a daily newspaper, it has been said that GST need not be remitted under reverse charge basis if old jewels are replaced with cash or new jewellery. But some persons say that such transactions will attract GST.  It is confusing.  Please explain.


There is no change in GST rules. Such transaction will not come under the ambit of reverse charge tax of GST rules because the customers can not be treated as businessmen in these transactions.  However, if an unregistered jeweller sells jewels to a registered jeweller , then GST will be applicable for the transaction.


We are operating a departmental store. Around 200-300 customers are buying things from us daily. While submitting the GST returns, should we file all the invoices with all particulars related to price? This is difficult for us.


While submitting the returns, there is no need to file the sales as per the invoices provided to the consumers. It is enough, if you provide the total sales done per day to the consumers.


Question 4

Under GST Framework, within how many days refund will be given for Exports


As per the guarantee of the Central Government, 90% of the amount will be given within 7 days from the date of application for the refund.  Remaining 10% will be given after scrutinizing the application.

Question 5

We have not registered for VAT.  But we have registered for GST. During a questions and answer session on GST, it has been clarified that the input tax credit can be availed upto 60% on the stock as on 30.06.2017.  Should the stock be sold within July 2017 or any concessions available?


You have to sell 30.06.2017 stock within 6 months. 60% of input tax credit can be got back, out of the tax paid every month based on the total sales of the month. 

Question 6

I am operating a marriage hall. For this, how much percentage tax should be levied?


You have to collect 18% tax.

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