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You have said previously that tax need not be remitted upto Rs.5000/- per day on reverse charge basis. There is a doubt on it. If an unregistered person provides a bill for Rs.6000/- should reverse charge tax be paid for Rs.5000/- or for the bill amount of Rs.6000/-?


If the total value of all supplies by unregistered persons to a registered person is upto Rs.5000/- in a day,   there is no need to remit tax under reverse charge basis. In the above referred transaction, tax must be remitted under reverse charge basis for Rs.6000/-.


We are engaged in mobile phone sales. Now, we have made interior decorations in our shop to modify it. Can we avail Input Tax Credit (ITC) on the GST in it?


Input Tax credit (ITC) can be availed for all the supplies received from a registered person for business sake. The tax you remitted for the interior decorations you referred above, can be availed as Input Tax Credit (ITC).

Question 3

I am engaged in Pump Business. I have obtained GST registration for it. I own a marriage hall. The annual income from that is less than Rs.10 lacs. In this circumstance, while letting the marriage hall, should GST be collected?


Even if the annual income from your marriage hall is less than Rs.10 lacs, since you are a registered person, GST must be collected and remitted to Government, while letting the marriage hall. You must collect CGST 9% and SGST 9%.

Question 4

Is there any restriction in GST Act to an unregistered person for procuring goods from Other States? Because, Other State sellers say that they will send the goods only if registered. For this, we need your explanation.


There is no such restriction in GST.  Except from selling to Other States, there is no restriction to unregistered persons for procuring. You can explain this to your supplier and procure the goods. It will have no impact on him.

Question 5

Your Q & A on GST is very useful to us. We are operating a courier service establishment. We have obtained GST registration for that. Now we have proposed to commence the security and job placement services. For this, should we obtain GST registration separately? For this how much percentage of GST will be applicable?


Thank you for your appreciation. You need not obtain new registration for the proposed new services.  You can provide the security and job placement services through your existing GST registration number. While billing for it, 18% tax must be levied.

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