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We have formed and running an association in a residential apartment. From each resident, we are collecting Rs.3000/- every month as maintenance charges and maintaining books of accounts for expenditure. Should our association register for GST? Should we collect GST for such maintenance charges?


If the amount collected as maintenance charges from a person does not exceed Rs.5000/-, GST will not be levied for that.  Moreover, GST registration is not required, till the annual income of the association is below Rs.20 lacs.


Please explain the procedures to get refund of the IGST remitted at the time of export of goods


The shipping bill filed at the time of export will be deemed as the application for getting refund. Moreover, the details on exports must be filed through the form GSTR-1 and must be confirmed through the form GSTR-3. Through this, your IGST amount will be got back.

Question 3

We are running one school. Each year, we are providing our school calendar to the parents and the general public. While printing this calendar, will the GST be levied? Because, I heard that GST is not applicable for schools.


For your educational services, GST will not be levied. But, if the goods or services provided to your institution is coming under the purview of tax, GST will be levied for that. For your above referred transaction, 12% GST will be levied. There will not be any input tax credit.


Question 4

If the CGST amount payable to Central Government is not remitted, is there any power to the State Government Authorities to collect that amount?


For this, a separate section is there in GST Act. State Government Authorities can collect the tax amount payable to the Central Government, treating it as tax arrears to the State Government.

Question 5

If a registered person remits the interest for a bank loan, is there GST for that? If so, what is the percentage?


GST will not be levied on the interest amount. There is no discrimination as registered and unregistered person for this.

Question 6

We have provided free residential quarters to the Executive Officers of our Establishment. We consider its rental value as a part of their salary. Will there be GST for this? If so, how much percentage?


As this service provided by you, is considered as a part of salary, GST will not be levied.

Question 7

We are in engineering profession. We are sending machine spare parts for job work. Can we sell the scrap and machine waste arising from the job work at the place of servicemen?


If the service man has obtained GST registration, he can prepare tax invoice himself and sell from his place. If he is not a registered person, you have to raise the tax invoice, as the principal supplier.

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