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I am a chartered accountant. In the invoice before GST implementation, we had levied service tax. The amount for that invoice has been received only now.  Should the amount so collected be remitted as GST or Service tax? 


The amount collected as service tax must be remitted only as service tax. For that, GST will not be levied.


What is composite supply? Please explain in detail.


If a registered person, when engaged in two or more taxable supply of goods or services, considering one as primary supply and taking the other as an addition or an allied one to the primary, such supply will be called as composite supply. For example, when delivering the goods during sales, the services provided as transport, insurance will be deemed as composite supply. During such transaction, the supply of goods will be deemed as primary and the other related services will be considered as allied supplies.

Question 3

I have registered for GST. I have let my commercial building for rent. In that, 9 traders are operating shops. None of them has registered for GST. Because, their annual income is less than Rs.20 lacs. Should I collect GST from these unregistered traders?


While letting the commercial building for rent, GST will be levied for that. You need not bother about the GST registration by your tenants. Even if they have not registered, you must collect GST and remit it to the Government.


Question 4

We had already registered for VAT. Therefore, under migration process, we have done temporary registration for GST. Is there any due date for cancelling the temporary registration?


Yes, the due date for cancelling the temporary registration has been extended now. You can apply for cancellation of registration before September 30.

Question 5

We are running a charitable trust in Tiruvannamalai. We are providing food at free of cost. Some say that GST is to be remitted for this under reverse charge basis. We are awaiting your advice.


We really appreciate your service. For your above referred transaction, GST will not be levied. You need not remit tax under reverse charge basis.
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