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We are running a painting exhibition hall. Now, we propose to take certain paintings to an exhibition to be held abroad. After 20 days, we will bring them back. Will this transaction be deemed as exports? Some say that there is no permission to do like this. It is confusing. We need your counsel.


There is no tax for the paintings to be taken for exhibition in a Foreign Country.  You can carry them. While carrying them, you may furnish the details about the Exhibition to be held in the Foreign Country, as a proof. For this, there is no restriction. You have to follow the prevailing tax rules of the Custom and Excise.


To avail ourselves of the input tax credit benefit, within how many days from the day of the purchase of goods, do we have to remit the amount to the seller?


There is no need to avail the ITC benefit only after remitting the amount. You can avail it even before such remittance. But the ITC benefit will be confirmed only if the amount for the supply has been remitted to the supplier within 180 days from the date of supply.

Question: 3

Can we avail as ITC on the Clean Energy Cess on Coal, which was already remitted?


You cannot avail as ITC on the Clean Energy Cess, which was already remitted.

Question: 4

I had already registered for service tax in my name. Under migration process, I have obtained GST temporary registration number. Now, can I change the GST registration in the name of my establishment?


You can change it to the name of your establishment having a single PAN number. While converting the provisional registration to a final registration, you can change the name through the form GST REG-26.

Question: 5

We are running a printing press. Writers will give the materials for publishing and printing. We purchase paper and print the publishing matters on it and return them as books. For this, how much percentage is to be levied as tax?


GST council has reduced tax for this. GST council has decided to levy only 12%   tax rate for such service to which 18% tax was levied at the beginning.

Question: 6

We are manufacturing automobile spare parts and also selling. Sometimes, the Other State Customers will instruct us to deliver the goods directly to their agents in Tamilnadu. We will send the bills to Other State Customers.  After implementation of GST, whether this practice is possible? Please explain


Good question. You can do such transactions without any restrictions.  But you must understand the levy of tax on such transactions clearly.  Even if you have delivered the goods to those persons in your own State, since billing is made on Other State Customers, such transactions will be deemed as Other State Supply. Hence you must collect Integrated GST (IGST).

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