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I am engaged in the business of selling branded and non-branded rice. There is a levy of 5% GST on branded rice and no levy of tax for non-branded rice. Can I sell both the rice varieties through a single tax invoice?


For your said transaction, you can add the non taxable rice variety also in the tax invoice and sell.


On job work basis, we are stitching textile clothes and making readymade garments and sending them to the principal supplier. For this, how much percentage of GST is liable?


For such transactions, a privilege tax of 5% GST must be levied.

Question: 3

We are procuring sugarcane dregs (residue) and use them for manufacturing paper. It is said that there is a GST of 12% for such sugarcane dregs (residue). Is it a right percentage of tax?


While procuring sugarcane dregs (residue) only 5% GST (2.5 %+2.5% ) is to be levied. 12% levy is wrong.

Question: 4

We are running a restaurant. Can we avail ITC on the GST remitted while purchasing the grinder, mixie and refrigerator for our restaurant? Can we deduct the same from the Tax payable?


You can avail ITC on all GST remitted for the sake of your business.  There will be ITC benefit for the procurement of all business/industry accessories which you have mentioned.

Question 5:

We are running an interior decoration establishment in Pudhuchery. We have obtained GST registration. If we procure goods from Chennai, IGST is applied for that. Can we deduct it from the tax payable at Pudhuchery?


We have already explained about this. You can avail ITC from the IGST remitted at the time of your procurement from Chennai. There is no restriction on it.

Question 6:

We have not obtained any registration before for our branch located in Other State. Now, can we add that branch as an additional work place in the registration number meant for Tamilnadu?.


If your branch is located in the same State, you can add the same without any restriction.  But, since your branch which you told is located in Other State, you must apply for new registration meant for that State.

Question 7:

We are selling our goods in various parts of Tamilnadu through our agents.  They are agents for some other dealers also. In these circumstances, as per GST rules, will the sales made by agents also be deemed as the sales made by us?.


The amount of sales made by agents will not be deemed as the sales made by the principal supplier. Therefore you need not bother about it. 
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