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It is said that manufacturers of goods must obtain GST Registration. Please explain this?


There is no compulsion to obtain GST Registration by all those engaged in manufacturing. Only if their annual sales turnover exceeds Rs.20 lacs, GST registration is needed. If he is engaged in Other State Supplies, Registration is compulsory.


I am a manufacturer and have opted for composition tax status.  While remitting tax, how much percentage on Sales must be remitted as GST?


Your must remit 2% GST on the total sales turnover. Divide it as 1% for CGST and 1% for SGST and remit the tax.   You cannot avail Input Tax credit. 

Question: 3

We are engaged in agriculture.  Our total annual income is above Rs.20 lacs. While selling the cultivated goods to Committee or supplying the sugarcane to Sugar Factory, should we deduct GST?


An agriculturist who is engaged in agriculture and supplying the cultivated products need not register for GST. There is no GST for the products cultivated by you.

Question 4:

If the goods are packed in packets, labeled and sold, will they be deemed as branded goods? 


Not all the goods packed in packets, labeled and sold are deemed as branded. To get such brand name, the company must have obtained patent right or trade mark. Only if it so, such goods will be considered as branded one.

Question 5:

We have opted for composition tax levying scheme. Can we issue tax invoice? In the said invoice, can we collect tax?


Person opted for composition tax scheme cannot collect GST tax. Moreover, at the time of sale, he/she must issue bill of supply, instead of tax invoice. In that, all the details of supplies must be mentioned.

Question 6:

Should the GST details be mentioned in the tax invoice separately or should it be added with the total amount?


In GST Act, a separate section is there for this.  In the tax invoice, the details about the tax must be mentioned clearly.

Question 7:

Will the amount collected as Swachh Bharat Cess in restaurants be included in GST? Or, should it be collected separately?


After the implementation of GST, the Swachh Bharat Cess, Krish Kalyan Cess will not be collected. On such tax paid earlier, the input tax credit cannot be availed.

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