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Question 1:

I am working in an establishment. From my annual salary, professional tax is being deducted. Will it be cancelled after GST implementation?


The taxes on goods and services have been unified and GST has been introduced. But the professional tax will not come under the ambit of GST. Therefore, the tax deducted from your salary will be continued. While remitting income tax, you can deduct the professional tax.


Question 2:

We are selling rain coats on whole sale basis. In some months, there won’t be any sales. On such months also, are the GST returns to be submitted?


Yes.  A registered person, even if he is not engaged in supply in a month,  must submit the returns on the respective dates.


Question: 3

After applying online to obtain new GST registration, should the respective documents are to be sent directly or through post?


Since the filing of all documents is in electronic format under GST Infrastructure, it is enough to file online application.  There is no need to submit any document directly or through post.


Question 4

We are selling sculptures and gift articles made in marble. For this, how much GST is to be levied?


For the above said sculptures made in marble, you have to levy 28% GST.


Question 5:

While sending the goods for job work, are the details of accounts to be kept and maintained by the principal supplier or the service man engaged in job work.


As per GST Act, the details of goods sent to and returned from the service man are to be maintained by the principal supplier. The ITC can be availed only by keeping and maintaining such details.


Question 6:

There is no ITC to us as on June 30th 2017. Should we submit the details of stock in hand on that date to the government?


Since there is no ITC to you, you need not submit the details to the Government about the stock in hand on 30.6.2017


Question 7:

We are selling the spare parts for printers. Previously, we had not registered for VAT.  Now, we have applied for GST. Can we avail ITC for the stock in hand as on 30.6.2017.


Yes. You can.  Even if you were in the unregistered status for VAT previously, you can avail ITC for the stock in hand. For this, you have to apply through the form GST TRAN-1.

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