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While remitting the IGST collected during the supplies made outside the States, can the Input Tax Credit from SGST of our own state be used? If so, how much of the amount can be used in a month?


You can utilize the Input Tax Credit from both SGST and CGST, while remitting the IGST.  There is no restriction on the amount that can be utilized per month as ITC.


In GST returns, if wrong details have been uploaded by the supplier, can they be rectified by us?


You can effect changes. The changes effected by you will be confirmed only after sending them online to your supplier for verification.

Question: 3

It has been said by you that tax is applicable under reverse charge basis, if goods are procured from unregistered persons.  If there is any increase or decrease in price subsequent to such transactions, should GST be levied accordingly?


Yes, if there is any price increase on such transactions, the GST related to them should be remitted under reverse charge basis, If there is any price decrease, the GST on them shall be reduced to that extent under reverse charge basis.

Question 4:

In a question and answer session, you had said that if advance had been made for procurement, GST must be remitted to that. If that advance was refunded due to non supply of goods, can we get refund of GST remitted already?


Yes, you can. If advance is received, tax is also remitted to that portion and in case advance has been refunded, the related details are to be declared in GST returns and the tax payable, if any, can be reduced to that extent.

Question 5:

Within how many days, the GST TRAN-1 form is to be uploaded?


Within 3 months from the date of implementation of GST, the TRAN-1 form is to be submitted.

Question 6:

If there are two Special Economic Zone Units in a same State, are two separate registrations to be obtained or is it enough to have a single registration number?


If these two Special Economic Zone Units are under the same PAN number in a Same State, there is no need to obtain two registrations for them. Single registration is enough. 

Question 7:

I am operating a warehouse godown. To obtain GST registration, I am not possessing facility called DSC i.e. the Digital Signature Certificate. Should I apply for GST only after obtaining that?


In the absence of Digital Signature Certificate facility with you, you can authorize your application through your Aadhaar number. 

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