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Can we do two different businesses and also have two different GST numbers, with a single PAN number


Yes, you can.  A person doing two different businesses can engage himself in the businesses after registering each separately.  All the details about the same should be mentioned in the form G.S.T.R.E.G-1 meant for Registration.

Question: 2

If a registered person does not furnish the monthly returns within the prescribed period, how does the Government come to know about these details?


In line with the recent developments in Technology, GST Act has been linked electronically through an electronic infrastructure.  Hence, if the monthly returns which are to be submitted through online are not filed,  it will be confirmed through electronically and a Form called GSTR-3A will be issued to those persons who have failed to submit.  

Question: 3

We are in “Auditing” field.  When we collect from our customers the prescribed fee to remit for Registrar of Companies (ROC) , should we collect GST also for the said fee?


The above referred transaction is a service provided under pure agent basis. Therefore, when the prescribed amount to be remitted to ROC is collected from a registered person and the same is being remitted, no tax will be levied for that. Under Rule No 33 of CGST, there is an exemption to this.

Question: 4

When an amount to be refunded by the Government to a registered person is not given within the prescribed period, will the due amount be refunded with interest?


If the refund is not made within 60 days from the date of  application claiming refund, the refund amount will be provided to the registered person with 6% interest.
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