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We operate lodges and guest houses in Bangalore. If foreign tourists stay in the lodges/guesthouses , should we collect GST? Is there any exemption?


There is no exemption. GST should compulsorily be collected from the foreign tourists also.


I am dealing in crackers business and my total turnover per year is around 5 lacs. My purchases and sales are within Tamilnadu. Should I register under GST ?


Your yearly turnover is below Rs.20 lacs and your sales is within a State.  Therefore, there is no need to register under GST


We have opted composite scheme under GST.  Is there any prohibition to purchase goods from other states?


There is no bar in procuring from other states. But you cannot make sales in other states.

Question 4

I have opted Composition Scheme under GST. Is it enough, if pay composite tax every quarter?.


For those opted Composition Scheme under GST, the tax pertaining to the sales in any month, should be remitted within 20th of the next month. However, he/she  must file the returns once in a quarter.

Question 5

I am procuring tender coconut in whole sale and selling to retail sellers. Is there GST for tender coconuts? If so, what is the percentage?


Tender coconut is exempted from GST. Therefore, GST need not be collected. But, if the same is sold as a branded package, then you will have to collect 12% GST.

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